The Hurricane Explored

The Hurricane Explored 1.0

Study the Hawker Hurricane from nose to tail as never before
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Study the Hawker Hurricane from nose to tail as never before
View over 1,500 unique close-up colour photographs

Air Ministry document extracts tell the story throughout the CD-ROM

250 unique colour diagrams based on wartime Air Ministry manual

Study the Pilot’s controls and equipment in new close-up detail.

Discover starting, take-off, landing and emergency

All the following Hurricane related sections are included:-
Detailed Browning .303 in Gun & Hispano 20mm cannon sections.

Comprehensive Gunsight Mk.II, G.42 and G.45 Camera Gun sections.

Radio sections explain the TR.9D, TR.1133B and the I.F.F. systems.

Bombsight Mk.XIV & Simple bombing theory wartime manuals

Merlin III and XX Engine Manual sections including the DH Propeller.

Camouflage & Markings section and Hurricane Historic overview.

Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust guide to the Merlin’s features.

Easy navigation throughout with bookmark, search & printout facilities

Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust's Merlin XX Engine data & Photo Section

In-depth coverage of six UK restored Hurricanes, their histories & more

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